Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting Ready

I'm preparing for some weaving at the beach. I was gifted with beach-colored fluffy chenille.

I'm hoping to combine that yarn with various goodies I've acquired at the NHWG yarn table to help my nieces weave a scarf for their grandmother when we're all at the beach together later this summer.

So far I have the colors selected and the warp wound. I have a little bit of everything in there - cotton, wool, rayon, smooth yarn, slubby yarn, boucle.

I hope it all plays well together!

I'm also getting ready for NEWS (New England's regional weaving conference). It's Thursday - Sunday at Smith College in Northampton, MA.

It should be big fun!

Well, except that I'm taking classes that are more serious and difficult than the fun classes I took last time. Hopefully I'll learn lots and fill some gaps in my technical knowledge!

And still manage to have fun!


Deanna said...

Gorgeous warp! And don't you love the look of unwoven warp? Looking forward to seeing the scarf that results.

charlotte said...

The warp colors are simply beautiful, they do remind of the sea and the small pebbles on the seashore. I hope you will post some pictures of the weaving at the beach, it is an exciting project!

Sue said...

Love the warp, looks like the bahamas water. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished project. What Fun!!!!!!

Delighted Hands said...

Love the colors for the warp but it does look like a NE beach! Have fun at the conference and wow us with what you learn!

Jennifer said...

The variety of colors and textures should be a great deal of fun. You might even be able to add shells to the weaving or the fringe... Lesson 21 may be of interest...

Theresa said...

Have a blast at NEWS! Get lots of pictures if you can!
The beachy warp is lovely. It all goes together perfectly. I can see everyone having fun with it.
Hope that beach weather heads your way at just the right time!
You're taking the lobster with you...right?

Anonymous said...

It's unanimous! It's a beautiful warp! It will be fun to see what you and your nieces put in the weft. You may get a great new design idea for the scarf from your classes too.

Have a great time.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!

Jennifer, that website looks full of all kinds of interesting stuff!!

We do need beach weather!! We had a bit of sun over the weekend - 3 or 4 days where the sun was out at least part time - but now rain is back. Hopefully it won't rain too much while we're at NEWS. Changing classes in the rain isn't so fun!

Yes, the lobster will be going to the beach with us!!! I finished the first claw today....might be time for some pictures. I love how it's coming out!! I'm hoping to finish a second lobster before the beach trip too. (But I haven't even finished the first one....and I'm not the best with deadlines!)

Thanks for visiting and commenting!! I've missed you guys!


bspinner said...

The colors in the warp are beautiful!!! Some where between sky blues and the color of sea water.

Can't wait to hear about the conference you're going to. I am so jealous!!! Learn a lot and have tons of fun.

Life Looms Large said...

I'm hoping to blog from the conference. So I hope you'll be hearing from me while things are fresh in my mind!

We'll see. Not sure I can take all my technology on the road!