Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Temptation: Fuzz Buzz

When I came home from the Fuzz Fest on Saturday, my mind was buzzing with exciting ideas about weaving, knitting and spinning.

If you've got feedback for the Fuzz Fest organizers, please leave your thoughts in the comments. They're hoping to repeat the event next year - and there will be a wrap-up meeting soon. If you have ideas for any improvements, I'd know they'd be glad to hear them!!

Now for all the buzz in my brain....

I am sorely tempted by 3 possible trips this summer, but I realistically have to choose just one. (I know I am a lucky, lucky girl to be able to do any such thing......)

Guatemalan Weaving with Deborah Chandler and Harrisville Designs

Doesn't this trip look amazing? One of my local weaving friends has signed up for the trip, so I'd even have the added bonus of knowing another traveler. Very tempting.


Two of my local weaving friends are going to Convergence in Albuquerque . I haven't heard yet from other guild members who are probably also attending. I joined HGA thinking I'd definitely go to this conference this summer.


Lately Jim and I have been planning a summer trip to Banff.

Even though all of these trips sound fabulous, I'm leaning toward traveling with Jim to Banff this year. We had such a great time on our Colorado/Utah trip in the fall. Banff will be spectacular and for this trip we'll both have cameras!!

I promise to try not to be too envious of my friends when they describe their wonderful weaving adventures. I wish I could do all three trips this year!!

Closer to home, there are two exciting workshops that tempt me. I haven't decided on either of them yet.

Opposites Attract by Bonnie Inouye in March at the Weavers Guild of Boston

The Boston Guild just opened up this 3 day workshop to non-members. Echo weave and taqueté will both be covered. (And more of course). Definitely tempting!

Sarah Fortin will teach Wearable Art & Sewing at Harrisville Designs

Sarah does amazing work. In this class, participants will make an unlined jacket or coat out of their handwoven material. I really want to sew a handwoven jacket someday, and the support of a class would be a huge help.

I'm not sure if I know enough about how to design an appropriate fabric for a coat or jacket. Hopefully next time I see Sarah, I can ask her advice about that. Even though class isn't until September, I'd want to get started on fabric soon so I'd have time to sample and come up with something I love. A jacket is daunting enough that I don't want to make one unless I love the cloth!

This class is definitely on my "some day" list, but will that some day happen in September of this year?

You know that I tried spinning on a wheel for the first time at the Fuzz Fest. So many of you asked how I liked it.

Of course I liked it!!! I don't know what type of wheel it was, but here is its picture with the kind person who taught me to spin working on it.

She was wearing a handknit, handspun sweater that was gorgeous, and had another sweater almost finished in her knitting basket. The yarn was so beautiful!!

Riverslea Farms has a spinning group that meets on Tuesdays. The teacher from Riverslea said she can teach most people to spin in a single 2-hour session, but that even the most uncoordinated, recalcitrant students can spin within 2 sessions. (So that means I might need 2 sessions! But that's not very long!)

Yet another temptation!

Gorgeous yarn, soothing activity.....

Does it save money at all? (Is that a hilarious question???) Should I just buy gorgeous handspun yarn when I want it??

For right now I'm going to try to stick with just weaving and knitting, but we'll see how long that lasts. (One of my friends said that if I start to spin, next thing you know I'll want to get sheep. There's some truth to that I need to be careful!)

Beautiful wooden tools
Look at these gorgeous accessories from Woodturnings by Cynthia, a woodworker in Dover!!

How did I pass them up? Indecisive....needle holder or seam ripper or magnetic scissor pendant or lunch. I only had enough money for one of those things. I went with food....figuring I can find Cynthia again somewhere local!!

Weaving Direction.....
Seeing the beautiful work of my local weaving buddies made me revise my immediate weaving plans. This year I really want to try
  • Bead leno
  • Blocks - esp doubleweave & overshot & summer/winter
  • Warp painting
I've already placed a giant yarn order for some painted I'm not totally indecisive! (Does it seem like many of the questions in my life are answered with "MORE YARN"? I'm so grateful for that fact....because of course it's not always true. That makes it so much sweeter when it is true.)

Fuzz Fest Organizers

Early planning has already started for another Fuzz Fest next winter!! If you have comments that you'd like me to pass along to the organizers, please comment or email me in the next couple of days! I know they'd love to hear your thoughts....and, as always, I would too!


Tuesday Weavers said...

If you go to Banff be sure that you drive up to Jasper as well. Talk about gorgeous scenery!
Last summer at MidWest Weavers Conference in Iowa part of the round robin weaving we did was bead leno. It was way cool. Weaves up very quickly and was fun to do! There really are so many things to weave it can be overwhelming. I think you're smart to list what you want to do!

Sharon said...

Sue - you have to break it up. That's at least three blogs worth and my mind is reeling. I've decided that I do have to find a weaving venue but I can't take a loom so that's limiting.

That wheel you tried out is mine - a Lendrum. I've tried and sold a couple other options. I'm a Lendrum grrl. However I wore out the fast flier whorl and have a replacement on order. Other people told me that the Lendrum was THE wheel. I didn't listen. Judith MacKenzie told to sell the others and buy the extra Lendrum whorls. She said it would be all the wheel I need. I am a believer.

Susan B. said...

I loved the Fuzz Fest! I was surprised at how much there was, this being a first year thing and all. I can't think of any improvements at all - just more!
My first spinning lesson was about 5 hours long and by the end, I had maybe an inch on the bobbin! In other words, I failed miserably.
But I was determined. So I rented the wheel, went home, meditated, and then spun! So you might say I spun in my 6th hour! I am totally addicted. Right now, I am spinning white alpaca! I have a Louet but I think I fell in love with the Schacht Matchless at the Fuzz Fest!

Charlotte said...

Hmm decisions, decisions! Banff must be amazing - my in-laws went skiing there a couple of years ago and it must be stunning in the summer! Happy choosing!

Theresa said...

Oh my, you do have some wonderful stuff to buzz about! Baniff, do Baniff!
LOL, why yes, of course spinning leads to sheep and you're right, it's a very slippery slope! So many wonderful classes near by, do them all, even if you think your efforts aren't worthy, you'll have the knowledge when they are, and no doubt, that will be sooner than you think!
I am so bummed I left before this happened. Next year I am consulting with you about fiber stuff before I plan my trip and I want to see the gal with all the beautiful wood goods. :-)
BTW, I am behind myself on blogs but your last assignment, Centered, the shots were beautiful. Loved the cupola.

Valerie said...

The Canadian Rockies are wonderful and may must inspire your fiber work more!

If you go to Banff, you must also head up to Jasper. Oh...and a stop in Lake Louise.

Delighted Hands said...

Sounds like some wonderful decisions! We will get you spinning, too, just you wait and see! Handspun makes for some beautiful weaving textiles!

weaver said...

So glad you had a chance to try a Lendrum wheel. They are the best. I switched to one a few years ago and it was love at first sight.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

If we get a vote I vote for Banff, I've never been but it's on the list.
And no spinning does not necessarily lead to sheep - I always said I wouldn't spin but yaers ago I gave it and am so glad I did but I won't ever have fiber producing critters and am very happy about it. Would love to live next door to someone that did though so I could go stand at the fence with my morning cup of coffee or tea and visit with them.
Would kill for a sewing workshop with Sarah Fortin - took a seminar on shadow weave with her at the ANWG conference last May - we all kept asking sewing questions seeing her beautiful clothing in the class.

Annie said...

Workshops: If I could choose I'd take Bonnie Inouye's workshop. If you wish, you could travel over here and I'll give you some spinning/weaving lessons?;-) It would be another possible trip?! I planned to visit Convergence this year, but as we had a very long trip through Scandinavia last year, I don't want to go away again for such a long time. Maybe next time.
Of course spinning saves a lot of money: you buy a spinning wheel first. Then you see another spinning wheel, test 'drive' it and want it, because it's much better to spin fine/thick/fancy yarns with.
You need many spindles. They are so easy to take with you on trips, in the car, etc.
You start with some rovings/fleeces/dyes, then want cottons, fibers like alpaca, angora, silk, cottons, etc. etc. etc.
You see:it saves.... pardon?

bspinner said...

Wow, a trip to Banff how exciting!!

I've never spun on a Ledrum but have heard they are great.

I love going to fiber gatherings and workshops. You meet so many fun and interesting people and try so many new things. Fuzz Fest must have been wonderful. By the way can you tell I'm jealous?

Deanna said...

My wheel is a Lendrum double treadle and I'm still in love with it.

Having difficult choices to make is a sign of an abundance of great opportunities - a good thing. :-)

Benita said...

I, too am a Lendrum gal. It is my third wheel, and while I loved my Kromski, I LOVE my Lendrum. Mine's named Lilly and she has traveled far and wide with me since I bought her. I got a Woolee Winder for mine and away I go!!! In fact, out of about 30 people at my retreat last weekend, six of us had Lendrums. I think Louet came in second, then Ashford in third place.

Sara said...

I would not even know how to begin making a decision between all those wonderful trips...or classes.

So, we have a weavers guild here in NH? I guess I need to find out more about that...

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You have a lot going on....A lot of thoughts and ideas spinning around (in addition to that spinning wheel). At any rate, it all sounds like fun. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Life Looms Large said...

I'm so glad you guys could identify the spinning wheel!!! I knew you'd encourage me in the spinning direction.

I thought you might encourage me to do a weaving trip instead of the Banff trip. I am in the mood for Banff though!!!

I love thinking about different possibilities - especially when so many of them are so good!

Thanks for the Fuzz Fest feedback! I'll be emailing the organizer soon.

Thanks for your thoughts (and for reading my long post!)


Jennifer said...

I would have a hard time deciding also between all those trips - and I would likely pick the one iwth Jim and then OD on workshops!

About the fabric - chenielle could make a nice fabric- but I do understand the hand may not be what you thought.

I've haven't tried spinning for the very reason that I may fall in love with it! I really don't need another new thing! But I will gladly live vicariously through you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue -

Even though I don't spin or weave (and I'm still working on my crocheting!!), I thought the Fuzz Fest was wonderful. The location was great - and everyone was so happy and friendly - just a great atmosphere!! Of course I loved the rabbits most of all - but everything there was so much fun to see. I'm super happy to hear the Fest will be back next year!!


PS We went to Banff (and Jasper) about 10 years ago. It is so amazing out there - like nothing else I've ever seen. If you go, your photos will be amazing!!

Jennifer said...

Sue - I'm laughing that you think I have an excellent ability at not taking on too much - you must remember that I still work full time and have Shadow. I turn around a few times after I get up and it's time for bed. You should be having the time of your life trying all sorts of things out! I'll do the exact same thing!

Chris said...

I've always wanted to travel to Banff. Enjoy the journey!

Janet said...

Hi Sue - I'm still toying with the idea of travelling back to the East Coast by train just to cross the country again and appreciate the great expanse of this marvelous land of ours. Air travel just excludes so much.