Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good Influence

Isn't it funny how we influence each other?

Susan at Thrums is in the beginning of a kitchen renovation. My SIL in California is almost finished with hers. A weaving friend at the Fuzz Fest was also talking about her kitchen remodel. (And let's not even talk about all of the amazing work Leigh has done on her new home!)

Paint colors from top to bottom: Valspar Ancient Olive, Aspiration, Sherwin Williams Sensible Huge, Valspar Glowing Green.

Somehow those conversations motivated us to tackle our kitchen. We need to repaint because our paint isn't washable or pretty any more.

Plus Jim has hated our current color for more than 10 years.

In the right side of the photo, you can see the cream colored thin curtain that separates our kitchen and sunroom from the rest of the house. These two rooms have their own heat zone, so we hang out here in the warmth and let the rest of the house get chilly.

That thin curtain makes a huge difference in how much energy we have to use for that scheme.

The reason I'm going on and on about the curtain is that on the way home from the Fuzz Fest, I stopped at Exeter Handkerchief Company.

I was looking for fabric for my rep tote project.

Instead, in the remnant room I found this beautiful fabric that will make an excellent room dividing curtain, for only $8 a yard. Score!!!

They told me that the fabric had just become a remnant that morning. Between when I first spotted it, took photos, drove home to get Jim and returned, 2 other people had purchased some.

I'm so happy to finally have that problem solved so easily and inexpensively. (OK, there will be some sewing!)

We couldn't get too excited about just painting, but at Lowe's we found this glass tile. (Cosmopolitan Glass Mosaic Tile in Green) There are two Lowe's near us and the price is 50% higher at one of the stores.

We thought about putting a backsplash under all the cabinets, but balked at the expense and the difficulty of making all the outlets and light switches look good. In magazines, the show kitchens never have outlets. We have lots of outlets and light switches. It seemed like the two most common solutions were white or stainless switchplates, and neither of them blend in with the glass tile that we love.

We decided to just put a glass tile backsplash behind the stove. I love this glass. It's a mixture of clear and frosted glass. We did visit a tile store, but the prices of glass tile there were crazily high. It made us like this Lowe's tile even more!

Paint colors from top to bottom: Valspar Ancient Olive, Aspiration, Glowing Green. The gray is Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue.

Don't you love how Jim accidentally painted a llama on the wall??

I swear, winter makes us do the strangest things sometimes.

Fingers crossed that we'll get the backsplash, paint, ceiling repair (old water damage) and curtain finished by spring!!


Kelly said...

I love all those colors! I tend to go for the grayish hues. Now I want to paint, too!!!!

Restless Knitter said...

The fabric is really pretty. Good luck with your remodel. I had a terrible time choosing paint colors when we painted our previous house. One I chose simply because of it's name, Wool Skein :)

Sharon said...

Hah - I didn't see the llama until you called my attention to it. I think that glass tile is very cool, and the price makes it even cooler.

Synnøve. said...

Nice lama on the wall.

Yes the wintertime is perfect for remodeling.
Of course yoyu will be reade long befoore spring hihi....

Today ist cold again. Woke up to 18 minus celsius. But I got dressed and went out. The sun was trying to climb up to the sky. De mist created a misteryos light and I didnt feel the coldnes. I was standing in my pyjamas you see. Hade a cote over me, but thats all.
Its nice to live in countryside, where only the nearest neighbours could se me. And of course, the al know howe crazy I am hihi....

Have a nice sunday where you are.
Hugs from Digernes.

charlotte said...

The curtain fabric is lovely. Ilike the light grey color best, but then I always want walls to be as light as possible. Good luck with the redecoration!

Theresa said...

Love the tile, love the curtain fabric and all the colors are great. I like the gray green Ancient Olive but it's so hard to tell colors on monitors. Hmm, I wonder if I show your blog to Gene he might get on a roll. :-)

Julie said...

I love the colors and the tile is wonderful. I've been looking at tile for our backsplash and yes it is alot of money so I'm going to look at Lowe's! Thanks!

Good luck on all that work!

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah! You will be so happy and I've always head that any renovations in the kitchen are sure to increase the value of the home - so the work is definitely NOT wasted! Tell me more about the deadline... is that Spring on the calender or Spring by the weather??? Hee, hee that could be months of difference where you are! But what a great project for the winter!

Delighted Hands said...

Lot's of work but isn't it a boost to have it nice and new and clean-a real perker-upper.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Your kitchen is going to look so awesome! I've really been drawn to greens of late, be sure to share your progress.

DebbieB said...

What a lovely glimpse into your sunroom - I'd love to sit there and spin!

Benita said...

I really like the green that made the accidental llama the shape it is, but then I'm partial to green.

That fabric is beautiful - so rich looking.

Janet said...

Water damage?? did I hear you say water damage??? Don't tell me about it!

Leigh said...

What a great idea to paint your color swatches directly onto your walls! Wish we'd thought of that. Good color choices, I must say.